Corncob Meal   
èThe Corncob Meal is suitable for the mushroom cultivating bed and animal feed.


                Specification   : -                                           
                        Fiber                                        50% max
                                                                Moisture                                  6% max
        Acacia Leaves Pellets 
            èThe Acacia Leaves contains good protein level with high fiber which is good for animal’s digesting system.


                          Specification   : -    
                                                                    Protein                                 14% max
                                                            Fat                                       1% max
                                                            Moisture                               12% max
                                                            Fiber                                    30% max
        Aloe Vera Powder             
èThe Aloe Vera Powder is currently used as one of the ingredients for healthy drink and cosmetic products.

                 Corn Grits
èAs animal feed
            Tamarind Seed / Tamarind Seed Powder           
èThe Tamarind Seed As raw material in textile industry / glue / etc.
è As raw material for syrup / direct consumption 
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